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Re: Cygwin termcap entry for SunOS

--- Steven Curtis <> wrote:
> Thanks, but...
> Yet another entry that is close, but no cigar.  Cursoring around a vi session
> shows that this terminal entry doesn't handle tabs very well, and still has
> problems misplacing characters on the screen.  They are initially painted in
> one place, but moving the cursor over them reveals a different character in
> that location.  Don't know if these are significant, but tic didn't
> understand the "meml" or "memu" terminfo elements.
> Any one know how to fix any of the termcap entries below to work correctly
> with the latest cygwin terminal?
> Better yet, if I set my TERM env var to "ansi" and vi doesn't paint the
> screen correctly, where is the malfunction most likely to be.  On the SunOS
> side, or on the cygwin side?  In other words, how does one troubleshoot this
> sort of problem?  How can I find out what the termcap values are supposed to
> be?

Since you're having the most trouble on the SunOS side I would suggest that
that is the side with the problem.  Perhaps building bash with the now official
ncurses package from a Cygwin mirror would help.  For bash to use ncurses you
must tell configure to do so.


Earnie Boyd

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