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Re: Problem with ssh-keygen.exe.

At 01:53 12/6/00 +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>Mo DeJong wrote:
> > Does anyone else think that "" is a strange default home
> > dir to assign in the event no NT home dir has been set?

yes, especially given the current /etc/profile habit
of assuming /home/$USER, and *creating* it if it doesn't

> > I would think that "/home/$USER" would be a much
> > better fallback, why don't we add that to mkpasswd?

ok, done.

>Sure. Feel free and submit a patch. /home/$USER is a good choice IMO.
>What's about that: Using /home/$USER as default and add a new option
>to mkpasswd:
>         -h /foo/bar
>which is then used as dir prefix instead of /home.

hmm... good idea. I've got the above idea from Mo already
done, I was actually just about to post it when this note
came in... guesss I need to go figure out the options handling
now.... patch forthcoming, if I can finish it before Dune pt 3
starts. ;>

I do see that -h is already taken... for the obvious. How does -p
strike you?

On a slightly unrelated topic, what's the preferred cygwin indenting
strategy? half the lines in this file have tabs in them, which for me
anyway are NOT 8 characters... makes a real mess out of the file.

now the forces of openness
     have a powerful and
     unexpected new ally

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