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Re: [patch] default homedir (was: Re: Problem with ssh-keygen.exe.

Chris Abbey wrote:
> I made a change that impacts 9x/Me which I can't test, can someone
> confirm that please? It's not a major functional change, just an
> implementation detail (chunk eight). It also looks like the diff
> tool undid my formatting adjustment in the usage text when I used
> the -b switch, unfortunately without that the crazy mixed indenting
> drove it nuts and it looked like I had changed about 1/3 of the file.
> I can try to provide a separate patch for that if you want.
> Tue Dec  5 23:32:06 2000  Chris Abbey <>
>          * mkpasswd.c: make default home directory /home/$user if one
>              can't be found in user registry. Allow user to override
>              that with command line arg.
> [...]


I have a major problem with your patch. I can't apply it since you
seem to have attached it to your mail using copy-paste. The indenting
is broken and it contains unmotivated line breaks so patch doesn't
accept this as input.

Could you please create the diff as a file and attach it to your mail?

But your patch looks good. However, I would like to ask for some changes:

   if (strlen(foo) == 0)

instead of

   if (0 == strlen(foo))

and please keep the indentation of the printf's. So in the printf in
chunk eight please use

> -                                                name);
> +                                                passed_home_path,
> +                                                name);

instead of

> -                                                name);
> +                         passed_home_path, name);

The latter looks a bit strange. Did you use tabs of four chars or the

I'm looking forward to your patch,

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