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Re: glib-1.2.8?

glib compiles ok but it is not fully functional

* gmodule fails its tests. This is important because nearly every plug-in style component based on glib needs gmodule. (Basically a
wrapper for dlopen()). I posted some questions about this on this list around 3-4 months ago... but I didn't (and still don't) have
the time to dig into dlopen and write test cases to show the fault.

* pthreads support (as per edwards and chris's emails). However my guess is that building wiuth pthreads=none should result in the
wrapper code running everything single-threaded.

I'm happy to do a bit of collaboration on this if you're interested edward.. I was working on gnome for xfree86/cygwin.

You'll also need to patch the libtool on all the gnome related packages to support dll creation. (see a long list on that on this
list back in uhmmm august I think.


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From: "edward" <>
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Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 7:54 AM
Subject: RE: glib-1.2.8?

> If I recall correctly, as of 2 weeks ago, both the cvs and official
> versions of glib compiled fine.
> make check fails one the markup test because the test invocation is
> incorrect, but you can run that one manually.
> PS. you'll have problem with the official gnome packages of bonobo and
> gconf, due to file names that differ only by case. The cvs versions have
> renamed those files.
> PPS. oaf, orbit and gnome-print require cygwin patches... I'll post those
> once I make sure they actually work. they pass the test suite, but I want
> to hold back until I can get the entire gnome package running.
> PPPS. gnome requires some libraries which must be at least re-entrant.
> that means recompiling the winsup cygwin module to export the *_r
> functions.
> Cheers.
> edward
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> Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 3:25 PM
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> Subject: glib-1.2.8?
> Has anyone been able to build glib-1.2.8 under cygwin?
> Julie
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