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Re: curses problem trying to build ruby

John Wiersba wrote:
> Hi!  I'm trying to build ruby out of the box and I get this series of errors
> (see below) related to curses.  The configure step *does* recognize that I'm
> running cygwin.  I'm up-to-date on my cygwin setup, running on WinNT4.
> Anyone recognize these symptoms?

Yeah -- looks like a bug in the makefile.  Since ruby is trying to build
an extension dll that provides the ncurses-ruby interface, that dll must
be fully resolved (no unresolved external references).  This file,
ruby/ext/curses/curses.c, clearly depends on ncurses -- but the dllwrap
command doesn't include a link reference to libncurses.  Try adding
'-lncurses' to the dllwrap command line.

> dllwrap --target=cygwin --as=as --dlltool-name=dlltool --driver-name=gcc
> --expor
> t-all -s --def=curses.def -L/jrw/ftp/ruby/junk/ruby-1.6.1  -o
> curses.o
>  -L. -lcygwin-ruby16 -lncurses
> curses.o: In function `free_window':
> /jrw/ftp/ruby/junk/ruby-1.6.1/ext/curses/curses.c:65: undefined reference to
> `stdscr'



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