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Re: Setup problem

On Friday 15 December 2000 13:32, Pierre Muller wrote:
> I have a problem with Cygwin since one of my last update with Setup.
> At the end of the setup process I got the fllowing error
> File MKPASSWD.EXE is related to a missing export
> NETAPI32.DLL:NetApiBufferFree

Huh? This shouldn't happen with the latest version of mkpasswd
anymore. Are you sure having updated to the latest?

BTW: Regardless if mkpasswd works or not, it's not _really_ hard to
create a passwd file by using an editor...

> Because of this, the passwd file is not created and
> when I try to run Cygwin Console I get
> No user found with uid 500
> even if I set USER env before !
> Couldn't that the changed so that it at least works if USER
> is set before loading !
> Before that recent ? change
> loading ssh-agent with bash worked perfectly
> but now it fails ...

Forget the env variable USER. It's never used by any of the OpenSSH
applications but only /etc/passwd.


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