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Re: building bash 2.04-4-src.tar.gz

At 09:26 12/16/00 -0800, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>It sounds as if you need to `wget*'
>and replace config.guess and config.sub in the bash-2.04 source distribution.

good idea, they're very old, but like changing to cygwin32 it only
removed the error message - the config.h file didn't change, neither
did the Makefiles (except the system name).

I *think* the problem is that in the configure script they test for
the presence of setdtablesize(int) but they don't test for the return
value. In cygwin it appears that this value is void. (<sys/unistd.h>
line 97) but in the ulimit.c file that is generated from ulimit.def
they think it's an int. I can't find a definition of this function
on my linux box to compare to. The line that's the problem is wrapped
by #ifdefs so I'm going to try disabling it in the config.h....

well... it builds that way. ;)  now I can get back to debugging my
original problem....

now the forces of openness
     have a powerful and
     unexpected new ally

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