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Re: where to find nslookup for Cygwin?

On 18 Dec 2000, at 9:44, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Monday 18 December 2000 06:24, Chris Abbey wrote:
> > At 20:50 12/17/00 -0800, Stephen C. Biggs wrote:
> > >Thank you for the reply.  This does NOT entirely answer my question.
> >
> > hmm... as has been pointed out, I didn't realize the difference
> > between preparing tarballs for the main distro and for the
> > server, those details will have to wait for someone more familiar
> > with the way of doing things to come on line. :( sorry.
> >
> >  > How can it be pre-patched and ALSO cygwin-specific??
> >
> > in this case I'd interpret "pre-patched" as "previously patched",
> > not "before being patched". So the tarball is already containing
> > the cygwin specific code.
> Create a patched source archive and a separate patch file. This should
> accomodate all needs.
> BTW: Please build your binary package so that it uses /usr/local as
> prefix (which should be the default) and not /usr. This way it's easier
> to distinguish between packages from the base distribution and external
> packages.

I have no problem with this, and I happen to agree that this is the 
way it should be... however, this will break compiles of external 
packages in cygwin that need the installed include files because of 
the system search order in gcc that is configured by cygwin.

See my post entitled: "strange GCC system include search order".

What this forces people to do is:
export 'CFLAGS=-isystem /usr/local/include'

which seems wrong to me; i.e. it is defined as a system include path 
in most if not all other installations of gcc on Unix.

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