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Re: problem compiling with g++ - procedure entry point getrlimit can't be found in cygwin1.dll

At 11:07 AM 4/11/2001, John Lehmann wrote:
>Yesterday I installed the latest cygwin on my PC (NT) at work and was able
>to compile w/o probs.  Today I installed cygwin on my other PC (win2k) and
>when I try to compile a program (even a simple hello world), a windows error
>dialog pops up (titled: cpp0.exe Entry Point Not Found) and it says:
>"The procedure entry point getrlimit could not be located in the dynamic
>link library cygwin1.dll.
>I will supply further version info, etc, if needed, but I'm guessing it's
>some sort of configuration issue, probably something silly.

Run setup.exe again (from and install everything.  Anything
missed the last time will be re-installed.  Things already installed will be

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