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[ netpbm-9.12 ] for cygwin, uploaded to

Hi cygwinners,

need some graphic tools?
go and find this big basket full of them at
I was not able to test them all, there are so much!




   - what is it?
      - Netpbm is a toolkit for conversion of images between a variety of
        different formats, as well as to allow a few basic image operations.

   - system
      - Win32 (NT fits best)

   - cygwin (
      - for cygwin1.dll 1.1.8

   - preliminaries
      - for binaries: cygwin
      - package installs in /usr/local/netpbm 
        you'll need to put /usr/local/netpbm/bin in your PATH
      - for building from source: libjpeg, libtiff, libz, libpng, ghostscript

   - source can be found
      - on
      - as netpbm-9.12.tar.gz
   - (binaries-) package availability 
      - on
      - in /pub/win32/develop/gnuwin32/cygwin/porters/Haase_Gerrit/1.1
      - as netpbm-9.12-1-cygwin.tar.bz2

   - (source-) package availability if not anymore at sourceforge 
      - on
      - in /pub/win32/develop/gnuwin32/cygwin/porters/Haase_Gerrit/1.1
      - as netpbm-9.12-src.tar.bz2

   - what is in the package?
      - some README-files in /usr/doc/netpbm-9.12-1
      - some converters, generators, editors, analyzers, misc and
        uncatalogued stuff, here is a full list:
          ppmtompeg     convert series of ppm frames to an mpeg movie
          jpegtopnm     convert JFIF/JPEG file to Netpbm format
          anytopnm      convert any graphics format to Netpbm format
          ppmtojpeg     convert PPM to JPEG/JFIF format
          bmptoppm      convert Windows or OS/2 Bitmap file to PPM
          ppmtobmp      convert PPM to Windows or OS/2 Bitmap file
          giftopnm      convert GIF to portable anymap
          ppmtogif      convert PPM to GIF
          pnmtopng      convert portable anymap to Portable Network Graphics
          pngtopnm      convert Portable Network Graphics to portable anymap
          palmtopnm     convert Palm pixmap to PNM
          pnmtopalm     convert PNM to Palm pixmap
          jbigtopbm     convert JBIG BIE (compressed bitmap) to PBM
          pbmtojbig     convert PBM to JBIG BIE (compressed bitmap)
          pnmtofiasco   convert Netpbm image to Fiasco (wfa) highly compressed format
          fiascotopnm   convert Fiasco (wfa) highly compressed format to Netpbm image
          hpcdtoppm     convert photo CD to PPM
          pbmtowbmp     convert PBM to WAP (Wireless App Protocol) Wireless Bitmap
          wbmptopbm     convert WAP (Wireless App Protocol) Wireless Bitmap to PBM
          pbmtomda      convert from PBM to Microdesign (for Amstrad PCWs)
          mdatopbm      convert from Microdesign (for Amstrad PCWs) to PBM
          atktopbm      convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to PBM
          pbmtoatk      convert PBM to Andrew Toolkit raster object
          brushtopbm    convert Xerox doodle brushes to PBM
          cmuwmtopbm    convert CMU window manager format to PBM
          g3topbm       convert Group 3 FAX to PBM
          pbmtog3       convert PBM to Group 3 FAX
          icontopbm     convert Sun icon to PBM
          pbmtoicon     convert PBM to Sun icon
          gemtopnm      convert GEM .img format to PBM or pixmap
          macptopbm     convert MacPaint to PBM
          pbmtomacp     convert PBM to MacPaint
          mgrtopbm      convert MGR format to PBM
          pbmtomgr      convert PBM to MGR format
          pi3topbm      convert Atari Degas .pi3 to PBM
          pbmtopi3      convert PBM to Atari Degas .pi3
          xbmtopbm      convert X10 or X11 bitmap to PBM
          pbmtoxbm      convert PBM to X11 bitmap
          pbmtox10bm    convert PBM to X10 bitmap
          ybmtopbm      convert Bennet Yee "face" file into PBM
          pbmtoybm      convert PBM into Bennet Yee "face" file
          pbmto10x      convert PBM to Gemini 10x printer graphics
          pbmtoascii    convert PBM to ASCII graphic form
          asciitopgm    convert ASCII character graphics to portable graymap
          pbmtobbnbg    convert PBM to BBN BitGraph graphics
          pbmtocmuwm    convert PBM to CMU window manager format
          pbmtoepson    convert PBM to Epson printer graphics
          pbmtogem      convert PBM into GEM .img file
          pbmtogo       convert PBM to GraphOn graphics
          pbmtolj       convert PBM to HP LaserJet black and white graphics
          ppmtolj       convert PPM to HP LaserJet color graphics (PCL)
          pbmtoplot     convert PBM into Unix plot(5) file
          pbmtoptx      convert PBM to Printronix graphics
          pbmtozinc     convert PBM to Zinc Interface Library icon
          fitstopnm     convert FITS format to portable anymap
          pnmtofits     convert portable anymap to FITS format
          fstopgm       convert Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format to portable graymap
          pgmtofs       convert portable graymap to Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format
          hipstopgm     convert HIPS format to portable graymap
          lispmtopgm    convert a Lisp Machine bitmap file into pgm format
          pgmtolispm    convert a portable graymap into Lisp Machine format
          psidtopgm     convert PostScript "image" data to portable graymap
          rawtopgm      convert raw grayscale bytes to portable graymap
          pgmtopbm      convert portable graymap to PBM
          pbmmask       create a mask bitmap from a regular bitmap
          ppmcolormask  create mask of areas of a certain color in an image
          gouldtoppm    convert Gould scanner file to PPM
          ilbmtoppm     convert IFF ILBM to PPM
          ppmtoilbm     convert PPM to IFF ILBM
          imgtoppm      convert Img-whatnot to PPM
          mtvtoppm      convert MTV ray-tracer output to PPM
          pcxtoppm      convert PC Paintbrush format to PPM
          pgmtoppm      colorize a portable graymap into a PPM
          pi1toppm      convert Atari Degas .pi1 to PPM
          ppmtopi1      convert PPM to Atari Degas .pi1
          picttoppm     convert Macintosh PICT to PPM
          ppmtopict     convert PPM to Macintosh PICT
          pjtoppm       convert HP PaintJet file to PPM
          ppmtopj       convert PPM to HP PaintJet file
          qrttoppm      convert QRT ray-tracer output to PPM
          rawtoppm      convert raw RGB bytes to PPM
          rgb3toppm     combine three portable graymaps into one PPM
          ppmtorgb3     separate a PPM into three portable graymaps
          sldtoppm      convert an AutoCAD slide file into a PPM
          spctoppm      convert Atari compressed Spectrum to PPM
          sputoppm      convert Atari uncompressed Spectrum to PPM
          tgatoppm      convert TrueVision Targa file to PPM
          ppmtotga      convert PPM to TrueVision Targa file
          ximtoppm      convert Xim to PPM
          xpmtoppm      convert XPM format to PPM
          ppmtoxpm      convert PPM to XPM format
          yuvtoppm      convert Abekas YUV format to PPM
          eyuvtoppm     convert Encoder/Berkeley YUV format to PPM
          ppmtoeyuv     convert PPM to Encoder/Berkeley YUV format
          ppmtoyuv      convert PPM to Abekas YUV format
          ppmtoyuvsplit convert PPM to 3 subsampled raw YUV files
          yuvsplittoppm merge 3 subsampled raw YUV files to one PPM
          ppmtoacad     convert PPM to AutoCAD database or slide
          ppmtoicr      convert PPM to NCSA ICR graphics
          ppmtopcx      convert PPM to PC Paintbrush format
          ppmtopgm      convert PPM to portable graymap
          ppmtopuzz     convert PPM to X11 "puzzle" file
          rasttopnm     convert Sun raster file to portable anymap
          pnmtorast     convert portable anymap to Sun raster file
          tifftopnm     convert TIFF file to portable anymap
          pnmtotiff     convert portable anymap to TIFF RGB file
          pnmtotiffcmyk convert portable anymap to TIFF CMYK file
          xwdtopnm      convert X10 or X11 window dump to portable anymap
          pnmtoxwd      convert portable anymap to X11 window dump
          pnmtops       convert portable anymap to Postscript
          pstopnm       convert Postscript to portable anymap
          pnmtoplainpnm convert a regular portable anymap into plain pnm format
          pbmtoepsi     convert a PBM image to encapsulated Postscript preview bitmap
          pbmtopgm      convert PBM file to PGM by averaging areas
          411toppm      convert 411 (Sony Mavica) to PPM
          ppmtosixel    convert PPM to DEC sixel format
          ppmtouil      convert PPM to Motif UIL icon file
          sbigtopgm     convert Santa Barbara Instrument Group CCD file to PGM
          vidtoppm      convert Parallax XVideo JPEG to sequence of PPM files
          pnmtorle      convert PNM to Utah Raster Toolkit (urt/rle) file
          rletopnm      convert Utah Raster Toolkit (urt/rle) file to PNM
          ppmtoleaf     convert PPM to Interleaf
          leaftoppm     convert Interleaf to PPM
          pbmmake       create a blank PBM image of a specified size
          ppmmake       create a pixmap of a specified size and color
          ppmpat        create a pretty pixmap
          pgmnoise      create a portable graymap of white noise
          pbmtext       render text into a PBM image
          pbmupc        create a Universal Product Code PBM image
          ppmcie        generate a CIE color map image
          pbmpage       create a printer test pattern page.
          ppmlabel      Add text to an image
          pnmshadow     add a shadow to an image so it looks like it's floating
          ppmbrighten   brighten or dim an image -- change saturation and value
          ppmdim        dim a PPM image - different way from ppmbrighten
          pbmreduce     reduce a PBM N times, using Floyd-Steinberg
          pgmnorm       normalize contrast in a portable graymap image
          ppmnorm       normalize contrast in a PPM image
          pbmpscale     englarge a PBM image with edge smoothing
          pnmscale      scale a PNM image with high precision
          pnmscalefixed scale a PNM image quickly with low precision
          ppmdither     ordered dither for color images
          ppmquant      quantize colors in an image down to a specified number
          ppmquantall   quantize colors down to a specified number on many files
          ppmrelief     run a Laplacian Relief filter on a PPM
          pnmarith      perform arithmetic on two portable anymaps
          pnmcat        concatenate portable anymaps
          pnmpad        add borders to a portable anymap
          pnmcomp       create composite (overlay) of two portable anymap images
          ppmmix        mix (overlay) two images.
          pnmcrop       crop all like-colored borders off a portable anymap
          pnmcut        select a rectangular region from a portable anymap
          pnmdepth      change the maxval in a portable anymap
          pnmenlarge    enlarge a portable anymap N times
          pnmflip       perform one or more flip operations on a portable anymap
          pnminterp     scale up portable anymap by interpolating between pixels
          pnminterp-gen scale by non-integer values using pnminterp and pnmscale
          pnminvert     invert a portable anymap
          pnmgamma      perform gamma correction on a portable anymap
          pnmmargin     add a margin to a portable anymap
          pnmpaste      paste a rectangle into a portable anymap
          pnmrotate     rotate a portable anymap
          pnmshear      shear a portable anymap
          pnmsmooth     smooth a portable anymap image
          pnmtile       replicate a portable anymap into a specified size
          pbmclean      remove lone pixels (snow) from a PBM image
          pnmalias      antialias a portable anymap image
          ppmchange     change all of one color to another in PPM image
          ppmshift      shift lines of PPM image left or right a random amount
          ppmspread     move pixels of PPM image a random amount
          pnmconvol     general MxN convolution on a portable anymap
          pbmlife       apply Conway's rules of Life to a PBM image
          ppmdist       map colors to high contrast grayscales arbitrarily
          ppmntsc       adjust colors so they are legal for NTSC or PAL television

          pnmfile       describe a portable anymap
          pnmpsnr       measure difference between two images
          pgmedge       edge-detect a portable graymap
          pgmenhance    edge-enhance a portable graymap
          pgmramp       generate a grayscale ramp
          pgmslice      print grayscale values for a row or column of a pgm image
          pgmtexture    calculate textural features on a portable graymap
          pgmhist       print a histogram of the values in a portable graymap
          ppmhist       print a histogram of a PPM
          ppmtomap      generate a map of all colors in an image
          pnmsplit      split a multi-image PNM file into multiple 1-image files
          pnmindex      build a visual index of a bunch of PNM images
          pcdindex      build a visual index of a photo CD from pcd overview file
          pnmmontage    build multiple PNM images into a single montage PNM image
          pgmbentley    Bentleyize a portable graymap
          pgmcrater     create cratered terrain by fractal forgery
          pgmoil        turn a portable graymap into an oil painting
          ppmforge      fractal forgeries of clouds, planets, and starry skies
          pgmkernel     generate a convolution kernel
          ppmtv         Make an image lined so it looks like an old TV

   - more information about graphics
      - A good place to start for information about the wide world of computer
        graphics is  .

   - contributed by
      - (Gerrit Peter Haase) 2001-04-11

PGP-Key: 0x28A05137 [875C 745E 01CF 8A34 2767  BE39 305E 5261 28A0 5137]

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