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Re: Setting up user mode cron

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 07:29:50PM -0800, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>  Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
> >OK, yes all your mounts are system.  Looking back over your original 
> >comments, what doesn't work again?  You seem to indicate that cron is 
> >running.  The output you show indicates it did run.  But you claim it 
> >didn't run a script.  How did you determine that?  Perhaps you're 
> >interpreting the fact that you're having problems accessing the network 
> >share as a cron script execution problem?
> >
> OK let's scale back a little bit. The situation is that I would like to 
> run cron on my desktop and by extension allow my users to run their own 
> crons on their desktop. We're in a domain and as such we have set it up 
> such that people's home directories are mounted on /home from the 
> Windows server that houses the home directories. Therefore we have the 
> following mount:
> \\sonscentral\users on /home type system (textmode).
> Given my username, adefaria, therefore ls /home/adefaria (or ls ~) will 
> list the contents of \\sonscentral\users\adefaria. Note there are no 
> mapped drives here, just UNC names.

Anyway, cron has no access to them.  It's running under SYSTEM account
which has only access to publically available net drives, that is,
drives which are available w/o any form of authentication required.
The forked cron jobs are running in the same logon session even if they
are running under another user account.  Keep in mind that the user
context has been changed w/o asking for logon credentials.  This is
different from what the native Windows scheduler does (which requires
entering the password).  No credentials, no authenticated network drive
access.  That's it.


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