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Any existing routine for CPU-id on Cygwin?


I was just wondering if there is any existing code that's perhaps part of the Cygwin 
"code base" or else known to some readers, that will allow querying of the CPU type?

I'd like to have a pretty simple way to get this. One application would be an enhanced 
"configure" for zlib-1.1.3 which would place the appropriate assembler source for a 
486, a 586 or a 686 -- for example -- into the Makefile build formulae. I need only the 
"generation" of chip, i.e. what Intel calls the "Family."

I am thinking that maybe somebody already worked this out. I am also thinking that 
instead, maybe the way this is done is in assembler and if so maybe it hasn't been 
done (specific to Cygwin, that is; I have found a couple of free utilities out there that 
do this from a  command line). I am just full of semi-educated guesses ;-).

If its been done in Cygwin I'd much appreciate a pointer to where I can look at that 

      Soren Andersen

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