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Re: Suggestion for setup

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bernard Dautrevaux" <>

> On the same ground, it would be nice if, when creating /etc/passwd and
> /etc/group, setup.exe pass the "-d" flag to mkpasswd/mkgroup;
> ntsec is almost unusable for the (vast majority of) NT/2k/XP users
> happen to be in a Windows domain.
> I don't know what happens if "mkpasswd -d" is used on 9x/Me if not in
> domain, but this seems harmless on NT/2k/XP, so always passing -d
> harmless in these cases.
> In fact for our own use, we package cygwin on the same CD as our own
> (with full source of course) and our own install procedure just
> (after asking the user) the cygwin-setup generated files by calling
> mk{passwd,group} with "-d".
> Sorry for not providing a patch, but it should be fairly
straightforward for
> anybody used to working on setup.exe sources :-)

Well, as this is one of the things that are about to move out of
setup.exe, and into install-scripts of one sort or another, the
setup.exe source doesn't really matter :}.


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