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RE: Suggestion for setup

--- Bernard Dautrevaux <> wrote:
> > > -----Original Message-----
> On the same ground, it would be nice if, when creating /etc/passwd and
> /etc/group, setup.exe pass the "-d" flag to mkpasswd/mkgroup; otherwise,
> ntsec is almost unusable for the (vast majority of) NT/2k/XP users that
> happen to be in a Windows domain.
> I don't know what happens if "mkpasswd -d" is used on 9x/Me if not in a
> domain, but this seems harmless on NT/2k/XP, so always passing -d seems
> harmless in these cases.

Depends on how you define "harmless". We have a *huge* domain, and "mkpasswd
-d" can take a very long time (20 - 30 minutes) to complete, so I definitely
wouldn't want to run blindly run it with the -d option here. If it were
implemented, it should be an option, at least.

When I run mkpasswd here, I generally run it twice, once to get local machine
accounts, and once with the -d *and* -u options to get a specific user's info
from the domain. It might be useful with those options. Hmm, maybe I'll take a
look at that. It would require some fields in the GUI though...


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