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[ANN] cygipc-1.13-2 released

[this announcement includes additional information; it's not identical to the one posted a hour ago]

cygipc is an implementation of IPC services for cygwin. Although it will eventually be replaced by the developing "cygwin daemon", cygipc is currently the more complete implementation and is used by postgresql as well as by the kde-cygwin project.

Get it here:

cygipc-1.13-2 is a drop-in, backwards-compatible replacement for the venerable 1.11 release. (Forget the nightmare that was cygipc-1.12 -- for now. Like Freddy Krueger, it will return in the sequel as cygipc-2.x, but not yet.)

cygipc-1.13-2 fixes some long-standing problems experienced by postgresql, and now returns "correct" error values when ipc-daemon is not running (Jason Tishler).

In addition, it now allows ipc-daemon.exe to "live" in the Program Files directory and still run as a service, thanks to a path-quoting patch from Przemys?aw Sztoch.

Further, 1.13-2 fixes a problem in which ipc-daemon --install-as-service did not properly record the desired log-verboseness level in the registry.

Finally, there have been some changes in the options (although the old option switches are still supported). This change is so that we can support more finely graded levels of error reporting in the future.

Previously, error logging was controlled by these two switches:
-d, --debug extra verbose error reporting/logging
-q, --quiet minimal error reporting/logging

Now, these functions are controlled by a single option:
-D, --debug-level=<int> Set verboseness of output.
0=quiet mode
1=normal (default)
2=verbose mode

-d/--debug and -q/--quiet are still supported, but their effect is now simply:

-d, --debug sets --debug-level=2
-q, --quiet sets --debug-level=0

Now, while you don't NEED to take any action, you might want to edit your ipc-daemon startup scripts or registry entries (see the README) and change '-q' to '-D 0', etc.

(just visiting, and not really "back")

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