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RE: how to run a process from DOS within a cygwin .bat file


In any Open Source project, the primary way to deal with a deficiency is to rectify it.

Reasonable project principals will welcome any constructive feedback, but they should not be expected to share the priorities of any particular complainant. If you absolutely positively must have something, then the best thing to do is create it yourself. In some cases, cash contributions (from those with more money than time and / or skills) can help facilitate progress by contributors with the usual material needs.

Randall Schulz

At 11:24 2003-02-28, Tom Dager wrote:
Damn...and that is why I rarely post questions here....sad.

If the "manual" was a cohesive, comprehensive document that I could curl up
with and read until my eyes bleed that would ALWAYS be the correct thing to
do. Instead you have to read a FAQ, some documentation, archives, yada,
yada, yada.

BTW...I am not bashing the documentors or anything, just sick of seeing the
RTFM response.


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