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Re: GPL Violation

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 01:01:43AM +0100, spt at free dot fr wrote:
> Responding to Jason Tishler <jason at tishler dot net>:
> I'm sorry but I guess you did not read carefully what was written on
> my page

I did.

> In fact, I don't provide cygwin*.dll, this is actually RedHat's
> property.

Then what is the following?

> What I did is modify fetchmail's sources as downloadable on my page (see 
> fetchmail-5.9.6.hacked_for_cygwin.tar.gz).

And what about the following?

which contains:

    $ zipinfo fetchmail-5.9.6-win32-setup-v1.0.1.exe
    Archive:  fetchmail-5.9.6-win32-setup-v1.0.1.exe   795256 bytes   12 files
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf     7203 b- stor  4-Feb-02 17:05 fienu.hl_
*>  -rw-a--     2.2 ntf   322188 b- defX 13-Sep-01 05:03 cygwin1.dl_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf      306 b- stor  7-Feb-02 10:13 fetchmail.cf_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf   180155 b- defX  4-Feb-02 10:23 fetchmail.ex_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf    17663 b- stor  4-Feb-02 17:05 fienu.dl_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf    10366 b- stor 20-Jun-01 18:14 cygintl.dl_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf    17883 b- stor  4-Feb-02 17:09 fifra.dl_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf     7731 b- stor  4-Feb-02 17:09 fifra.hl_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf    16343 b- stor 31-Aug-96 00:02 instsrv.ex_
    -rw-a--     2.2 ntf     3838 b- stor 16-Jul-97 01:16 movexe.ex_
    -rwxa--     2.2 ntf   207589 b- defX  4-Mar-02 14:52 setup.exe
**> -rw-a--     2.2 ntf     3914 b- stor 31-Aug-96 00:11 srvany.ex_
    12 files, 795179 bytes uncompressed, 761766 bytes compressed:  4.2%

BTW, redistributing srvany.exe violates MS's SDK licensing.

> So please, don't tell me I'm violating GPL Licenses ... :((

Sorry, but IMO you are.


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