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Re: obtaining Cygwin on CD

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On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Robert E A Harvey wrote:

> Even thought I have a 128K connection, I cannot download Cygwin as there is
> a 2-hour disconnect on my service provider.
> I would also like to support the operation a bit.
> Does the organisation sell CDs of the downloadable image?
> Bob Harvey

And answering:


If you are asking whether RedHat is offering a Cygwin CD, the answer is
"No": <> and

However, Cygwin is not a monolithic entity.  I doubt any individual Cygwin
package will take more than 2 hours to download at 128k...  I suggest you
use the "Download from Internet" option of setup.exe to download packages
incrementally, and then use "Install from Local Directory" to install
them.  Or you could search the Cygwin mailing list archives (at
<>) for "clean_setup" to see the alternative
methods of package management.  There have also been posts from time to
time with instructions on creating your own distribution CD.
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