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I'm saddened to have to post this. After submitting a bug report (complete
with source code fix) about rsync, I've now been flamed by various members
of the list for having a disclaimer at the bottom of my e-mails. The flames
I received were thoroughly sarcastic and accusatory, and suggested that I
should not post to the list.

At my place of work, access to free e-mail websites is blocked, so the only
e-mail I can send is via my official account. This adds the disclaimer you
see at the bottom. I can't prevent that. You can ignore it very easily, and
delete this message if the disclaimer offends you. No, I don't mention you
by name but yes, you are an intended recipient of the message.

After receiving this abuse from list members, I'm unlikely to contribute
anything further to cygwin, and will not report further bugs. If this is the
behaviour the cygwin developers wish to encourage, you need to do nothing
further. If you think it's a shame, please encourage the list members to
read up on advocacy. This is exactly the reason that open source is having a
hard time being adopted widely by the commercial world.

My apologies if the disclaimer in this message has caused you any anguish.
Any trolling replies will be deleted. Anyone with serious comments is
encouraged to reply to this address, since as you may have guessed I'm not
subscribed to the list.


PLEASE READ: The information contained in this email is confidential
and intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you are not an intended
recipient of this email you must not copy, distribute or take any 
further action in reliance on it and you should delete it and notify the
sender immediately. Email is not a secure method of communication and 
Nomura International plc cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy
or completeness of this message or any attachment(s). Please examine this
email for virus infection, for which Nomura International plc accepts
no responsibility. If verification of this email is sought then please
request a hard copy. Unless otherwise stated any views or opinions
presented are solely those of the author and do not represent those of
Nomura International plc. This email is intended for informational
purposes only and is not a solicitation or offer to buy or sell
securities or related financial instruments. Nomura International plc is
regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is a member of the
London Stock Exchange.

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