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Re: Testsuite as a package (was: Re: Was that the sound of a snapshotgoing off?)

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > Please try the latest cygwin snapshot and report any problems or successes
> > here.  The latest snapshot may be close to cygwin 1.3.21.
> I would *love* to do that, but I have a WIBGI (Wouldn't It Be Great If
> ...)
> WIBGI the testsuite for Cygwin (the one in the winsup subdirectory) would
> be available as a separate package via Setup (under the experimental
> packages, of course) That would make it a lot easier for us folks willing
> to help to .. help! :)
> Any time you launch a "Please try the snapshot - it might become the next
> version" I would be more than willing to run the testsuite against the
> snapshot and report any regressions (and investigate them if need be).
> My problem is that I don't have (and can't get) a copyright assignment, so
> I am restricted to trivial contributions - which is why I haven't made any
> so far.
> To limit trafic to the mailing list, if you like this idea, I would
> propose to add a list called cygwin-regressions at cygwin dot com for the
> output of the testsuite - so this list doesn't get flooded with reports.
> Good idea? Bad idea?
> rlc


A few points (in original message order):
1) Starting now I'm introducing a new policy regarding Cygwin list
   acronyms: If the acronym used is known, I'll add it to the OLOCA (and
   there is no need to expand it).  If it's a newly invented one, I won't
   add it to the OLOCA until I see it also used by someone else at least
   once.  This gratuitous invention of acronyms has got to stop (mostly
   note to self, that one)! :-)
2) The absense of copyright assignment does not prevent you from checking
   out the winsup/tests directory (or, in fact, any cygwin cvs repository)
   anonymously (<>).  There is no need for a
   separate package...
3) I believe (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that the testsuite is
   run after most commits, and regressions are noticed right away, so your
   proposal would be kind of redundant.  Besides, the testsuite doesn't
   catch everything, and most reports on the list were not related to the
   testsuite, but to real world applications.

Mean enough? ;-)
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