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Re: Advocacy

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 09:42:16AM -0800, Peter A. Castro wrote:
>> At my place of work, access to free e-mail websites is blocked, so the only
>> e-mail I can send is via my official account. This adds the disclaimer you
>> see at the bottom. I can't prevent that. You can ignore it very easily, and
>> delete this message if the disclaimer offends you. No, I don't mention you
>> by name but yes, you are an intended recipient of the message.
>I feel that you should review their responses to you, determine if they
>are truely striking out at you because of your companies policies, and
>respond back.  Yes, email them back!  Make them put their money where
>their mouths are and justify their complaints.  Anyone who really
>participates on this list will tell you that they back up every word with
>something stronger than just fist waving.  If they can't or won't, then
>just ignore them.

As someone who publicly commented on this ludicrous disclaimer, let me just
note that I fully understand that people who post to the list have no
control over the disclaimers.  However, if you take them at face value
you could easily come to the conclusion that the sender could be in violation
of company policy or, worse, could be assuming that you are implicitly
accepting their policies.

I am sorry for suggesting that people should contact this company to
talk about the disclaimer.  I thought that maybe if enough people contacted
the proper authorities they might be able to help institute a change.
I wasn't suggesting that anyone contact the original sender to complain
since it is clear that they have no power over this.

I've previously floated the idea of filtering out these disclaimers on
the overseers at sources dot mailing list and no one thought
it was a very good idea.  So my threat to do so was just an idle one.


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