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Re: sudo and runas


How about describing the symptoms?

I tried this:

% runas /user:Administrator 'D:\cygwin\bin\vim.exe'
Enter password for Administrator:
Attempting to start "D:\cygwin\bin\vim.exe" as user "Administrator"...

There was a rather long pause between the "Attempting ..." message and the Vim window opening, but it did work. So did the "notepad" example given in the help output from "runas /help".

Randall Schulz

At 12:25 2003-03-03, jon ewing wrote:


Under XP (and maybe other Windows?) there's a command, runas, which when
used from cmd.exe or the Run dialog, can run applications as another

C:\Cygwin>runas /user:Administrator C:\Cygwin\setup.exe
Enter the password for Administrator:

allows me to run Cygwin's setup as Administrator when logged in as any

I was thinking of writing a sudo-type script using runas, but for some
reason can't get it to work at all under Cygwin - I tried running it
from Bash, cygstart-ing it, cmd.exe /C -ing it, but none of these seem
to work.

Anyone else tried doing this?



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