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Re: Distributing .ISO files.

At 03:19 PM 3/3/2003 -0800, d dot williams at k7 dot net wrote:
>I would like to post an .ISO file I compiled for myself to my website, 
>making it available to anyone who wants it.  It is a snapshot of the 
>full distribution (less sources) from one of the mirror sites, to 
>allow for installation on

Short answer: include the sources, even if it is another ISO.  Otherwise
you get into all kinds of grumblings and legal talk.

To FAQ maintainers:

This topic (distributing Cygwin) is becoming more and more common.  Perhaps
this item should be in the FAQ.  If it is, it needs to be made more obvious
not just "read the GPL."  There's nothing wrong with redundancy to
emphasize the importance of the GPL.

For example:
  Q: How can I redistribute Cygwin?  Can I distribute just the binaries or
do I really need to include the source?  What about just a pointer to the
  A: However you like: http site, ftp site, rsync, ISO, DVD, floppy, USB
stick, whatever.  You must include the sources (or access to them from your
site) not just URLs to the sources on someone else's site.  The easiest way
to do this is to put the sources on the CD or site or however you plan to
distribute Cygwin.  For more info, see the GPL, in particular section 3:
Failure to include sources violates the GPL.

In fact, I would have two items:
  1) How can I redistribute Cygwin?
  2) How can I create an ISO to redistribute Cygwin (probably a pointer to
a how-to).  If there was a wiki or blog for this, I would be happy to
contribute how I create my ISOs.

- Robert

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