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Re: why is bash trying to access my DNS?

One more thing, I forgot to ask...

On Mon, 03 Mar 2003 18:46:09 -0800, "Geoffrey Hausheer" said:
> Thank you, this indeed is the issue, as can be seen from the very next
> line after the wsock call:
> 5495150 5519336 [main] bash 1940 cygwin_gethostname: name Holly

I don't suppose there is any way to prevent all of these hostname lookups
(since they are obviously sommething somewhat recent)?
For bash I can just tell ZoneAlarm to ignore it, and all is well, but 
since applications like vim seem to be doing the same thing  (and yes I
removed \h from my PS1 line, just to be sure), the whole point of
installing ssh (to get sshd working) has gone out the window since
anytime I run a program that uses hostname, ZoneAlarm will complain on my
local desktop, and my remote session will hang (Obviously, I could let
all outgoing programs access the internet freely, but preventing that is
half the reason I run ZoneAlarm in the first place)

Thanks again,

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