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Re: why is bash trying to access my DNS?

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 06:46:09PM -0800, Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
>I wouldn't bring any of this up at all, but my private mail to Chris
>got bounced as well, so I couldn't easily send a message to him.

Yes, I munge my email address for just this reason.  Otherwise the many
clueless denizens of Cygwinania send me personal email with quick questions
and observations.  I don't want personal email.  There are few reasons
to contact me personally about cygwin issues.  This, for instance, wasn't
one of them.

>Anyhow, you have all been very helpful, and my problem is now resolved,
>so I take my leave again, will unsubscribe from the list, and be on my
>merry way.

I finally tracked down your problems to some recent changes (by me) to
the mailing list software.  It was a standard perl for loop problem
where a loop was terminated too early because a character '0' was
interpreted as a numeric 0 (and if anyone tries to send me advice on how
to avoid this kind of thing in the future you'll see how mean I can be).
This caused your email address to be incorrectly hashed so, although you
are subscribed to the global-allow on, the software
didn't know about that.

I apologize for the inconvenenience.

Please use the resources at rather than sending personal email.
Special for spam email harvesters: send email to aaaspam at sourceware dot org
and be permanently blocked from mailing lists at

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