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Re: Cygwin setup crashes

Manu wrote:
> After a few editing in the Makefiles, (I don't have much time :)

See my other reply for how to avoid needing to do this.

> I've built setup.exe from CVS sources, with debug symbols.
> Dr. MinGW gives an interesting clue:
> ----
> SETUP.EXE caused an Access Violation at location 00406816 in module
> SETUP.EXE Reading from location ffffffff.
> Registers:
> eax=00000000 ebx=01199d50 ecx=0169ffbc edx=000000a0 esi=01199d50
> edi=01064d64
> eip=00406816 esp=0169ba94 ebp=0169baa8 iopl=0         nv up ei pl nz
> ac pe nc
> cs=015f  ss=0167  ds=0167  es=0167  fs=503f  gs=0000
> efl=00010212
> Call stack:
> 00406816  SETUP.EXE:00406816  compress_gz::destroy()
> ...
>      free (outbuf);
>    if (original)
>>     delete original;
>  }

Interesting indeed. Something very weird is happening, if a non-null pointer
if causing a segfault on being deleted. I wonder if it could be a
double-free. I'll fiddle with this.

Manu: Just to confirm, this is setup from HEAD of CVS, showing version 2.312
on it's splash page?
Also, could you send the output of 'find' run from your local package
directory? (as an attachment)


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