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Re: Advocacy

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 02:00:19AM -0600, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
>Either one of us misunderstands the phrase "the sender", or YOWTWYWT.  Or you're
>trying to backpedal.

Ok.  Let me clarify.  I didn't actually read the disclaimer.  In my
addled mind I thought "notify the sender" meant notify the sender's
company.  I would never advocate complaining to some hapless victim of a
company policy.  Yes, I wasn't thinking clearly, no, I am not back

I was COMPLETELY WRONG to have implied that the *sender* should be
contacted and I, again, apologize.

>>I've previously floated the idea of filtering out these disclaimers on
>>the overseers at sources dot mailing list and no one thought
>>it was a very good idea.  So my threat to do so was just an idle one.
>Idle threats and inciting people to harass contributors, great policy.

Where in the world is this coming from?  Did you just wake up this morning
and decide you were going to be a jerk?

I did indicate that I was reconsidering implementing Igor's suggestion
in another message.  Maybe you missed it.  So, once again I must
acknowledge the fact that I wasn't entirely clear.  I was wrong.
Whatever you like.  I am now again thinking about ways to do this.

>Really I'm just jealous though.  Man, it would be *sooo* sweet if the
>only thing I had to worry about in my life was a few lines of
>boilerplate text on 0.0001% of the emails I get daily! That would
>indeed be the life.
>Jesus Juvenile Christ.

Hmm.  I'm sure this is one of those self-deprecating attempts at humor;
using profanity to call someone juvenile.  Tastes in humor vary widely,
I guess.

It's rather "ironic" that you have so many important things to worry
about but you still take time out of your busy schedule for name
calling.  I guess that must be pretty high up on your priority list.


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