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Re: Cygwin setup crashes

Manu wrote:
> Ok, I'll try again. Though, note that I built the sources with MinGW
> and its build environment, not with Cygwin.
> (My old Cygwin install is out of date :)

If it works, great. If not, you're on your own.

>> Also, could you send the output of 'find' run from your local package
>> directory? (as an attachment)
> cf find.txt. ( and compress.diff are not in CVS)

I meant the one with all the tarballs and setup.ini, but never mind, since
the bug has gone away.

> [...]
>> Please try this patch (against current CVS):
> [...]
> I've patched and rebuilt.
> I have now: "Can't open (null) for reading: No such file"
> This occurs in, line 173:
> ---
> /* install one source at a given prefix. */
> static int
> install_one_source (packagemeta & pkgm, packagesource & source,
>       String const &prefixURL, String const &prefixPath,
> package_type_t type) {
>   int errors = 0;
>   Progress.SetText2 (source.Base ());
>   if (!source.Cached () || !io_stream::exists (source.Cached ()))
>     {
>       note (NULL, IDS_ERR_OPEN_READ, source.Cached (), "No such
>       file"); return 1;
>     }
> ---

Umm. This bug is known to exist, but we don't know how to reproduce it.

> Something strange, the original setup.exe no longer crashes, it seems
> that the problem occurs when first installing Cygwin.
> BTW, that registry entries are created during setup? I found
> "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Cygnus Solutions".
> Is there other info stored in ini-files.
> I need to remove all of Cygwin and install again, in order to
> reproduce the problem. Uninstall packages seems to keep track of the
> previous installation.

That key, and its HKEY_CURRENT_USER counterpart.
Everything else is stored under the cygwin root.


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