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Re: WinXP installation - can't access all of the package on the Select Packages page

Wuphons Reach wrote:
> So, basically, those of us who are encountering a
> show-stopper bug that prevents us from installing
> Cygwin (unless we choose to install the full version,
> which is an interesting task in itself when you can't
> see that the 3rd radio button is "Expert") have less
> to complain about then those who will experience a
> minor cosmetic issue?

It's not a minor cosmetic issue. It's a sloppy first impression for *every*
new user of Cygwin.

> That strikes me as a very strange prioritization  that
> a purely cosmetic issue would take priority over
> working around a functional bug (regardless that
> Microsoft has changed the rules).
> Am I correct in understanding then that:
> a) there are no plans to deal with this bug

We don't know how to fix this bug. Ideas welcome.

> b) those people who are experiencing this bug are
> thrown to the wolves

Workaround: Change your font/DPI settings.

What do you want us to do? (Given that "Make setup ugly" is not an option)

> c) this list is not interested in bugs that can't be
> fixed in an elegant manner

This list is interested in all bugs.
But we won't use a fix which has greater disadvantages than advantages.


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