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Why is gcc 3.2 prerelease?

   The answer to this question ought to be in the documentation somewhere
but I couldn't find it.
The version of gcc installed by setup is:

  gcc version 3.2 20020818 (prerelease)

Ignoring the 2.9x version.  Why are we still using a prerelease version?  
According to the versions available are:

GCC 3.2.2 
February 5, 2003

GCC 3.2.1 
November 19, 2002

GCC 3.2              - first official release - dated earlier than our
August 14, 2002 

  Are there special requirements for a cygwin release or is it simply a
question of manpower?
The reason I ask is that I need to use gcc 3.0 for its better ISO C++
compliance and STL but
I'm having a lot of problems with programs compiling (and linting) perfectly
but crashing when
  I'm not very conversant with 80x86 assembly but when I put these in gdb it
shows the
illegal operation as occurring either before main is entered (as in the
example I posted a
couple of days ago) or at the tail end of a destructor on exit (after the
close brace just to 
make things worse).  
  Its one thing when my code fails because I've made a mistake 
but when it fails because the compiler isn't working I get worried.  
  Another thing that worries me is that gdb shows "(bad)" for some assembly
I am hoping this is a deficiency of gdb rather than gcc but some reassurance
would be nice.
				  Bruce A.

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