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Re: setup.exe: something besides C++?

Pavel Tsekov wrote:

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Joe Buehler wrote:

but have any of the setup.exe
developers thought about changing setup.exe so that it is written
in something a little easier to work on, like perl/tk?

But then, it would become _huge_. You'd have to download a bunch of other software just to install Cygwin.

True, It would hardly make sense to have to install Cygwin & perl/tk just to install Cygwin! (lol)

But then with all the recent requests for new Cygwin setup.exe features I do think there might be a use for something like the package that would allow these people to script their own automatic updates or to add new custom features as required for their specific needs. No setup.exe is going to satisfy everybody, so perhaps a ??

%> perl –MCYGWIN –e ‘install XFree86’

It wouldn't replace setup.exe since the initial install would still have to be done but it might be a good idea to have something that could check if there are updates to designated packages that are deemed important to the specific Cygwin user, and notify or even just perform the updates like the "Windows Update" service. One administrator might grab the latest packages and store them on a corporate server and all the workstations via crontab could then install from their central file server thus easing the load on all the Cygwin mirrors.


P.S. - many thanks to the Cygwin maintainers!! ;-)

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