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At 08:13 2003-03-05, Robert Praetorius wrote:
> Hi Gang
> How do I link my COM pgms?

For half a second I was ready to fling

Fling away!

Is it COM, Component Object Model (with it's cousin DCOM, Distributed COM) or is it COM as in COM1:, COM2:, etc.?

at you - then I realized that grepping the web (or even the
corner of it) for COM is a nontrivial proposition.

I don't know from COM, but this message

indicates that, even in antiquity, a program (Perl, in this case) compiled
under Cygwin with gcc was able to use COM.  The bread crumbs led me here:

where I see ole32 in the list (as I said, I don't know from COM, but a
brief surf and a test compile led me to believe that ole32.dll contains at
least some of the COM-related functions you need.  I bet you can find any
others that COM requires.).

This assumes that the OP was asking about Component Object Model, but I don't see how that can be assumed, given how little he said.

Randall Schulz

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