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Re: GCC-3.2 problem: undefined ___gxx_personality_v0

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Martin Wolters wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 March 2003 17:19, Max Bowsher wrote:
> > Martin Wolters wrote:
> > > On Wednesday 05 March 2003 16:18, lhall at pop dot ma dot ultranet dot com wrote:
> > >> OK.  And that file contains only C code?
> > >
> > > That's a good question. I thought so and I still think so. However, I
> > > just tried "g++ myCFile.c" and it compiles like a charm!!
> > >
> > > Well, maybe I can find the code that breaks the gcc-build. And if it
> > > turns out to be a valid c-construct I'll send the requested
> > > informationen. But for now I at least have a "workaround".
> >
> > foo.C means C++. Could your file extension be uppercase accidentally?
> Now that is interesting and it actually is the cause of all troubles. My file
> is really called "MYCFILE.C". Renaming it (mycfile.c) and then using gcc
> mycfile.c works perfectly.
> I didn't now the upper-case C rule. Is that gcc-specific?
> Anyhow, thanks so much.
> -M


To avoid this kind of trouble in the future, add "check_case:strict" to
your CYGWIN environment variable.  This will verify that the case you're
using to access the file is the actual case of the filename.
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