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RE: Why is gcc 3.2 prerelease?

>On Wednesday, March 5, 2003 at 10:24:55, Bruce Adams wrote: [...]
>> The reason I ask is that I need to use gcc 3.0 for its
>> better ISO C++ compliance and STL but I'm having a lot of problems 
>> with programs compiling (and linting) perfectly but crashing 
>when run.
>I am compiling a project with ~26k LOCs and all problems 
>showing up when switching to gcc-3.2*/cygwin were actually 
>home-grown, but did not show up earlier on other systems / 
>gcc-2.95.2, i.e. uninitialized memory read, order of static 
>global constructor calls, accessing freed memory! C++ is full 
>of traps ... ;/
>Purify did a good job in finding most of them, too bad that 
>there are no nice GNU equivalent. 
I agree with you on both points but I'm talking about really simple programs
here.  There isn't any dynamic memory allocation at all.
For example see my previous post 
"Exception: STATUS_PRIVILEGED_INSTRUCTION occurs before main is executed."

If you can find a C++ issue with that I'd like to know about it.
Of course that one could be down to needing a magic switch on gcc that I
don't know about.  
I'll post an example with the destructor problem shortly and you can debug
for me if you like :-).  I would love it to be a newbie error that I let

	  Bruce A.

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