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1.3.20: bug: UID over 65536: "I have no name!"


1.3.20-1 on Win2k, downloaded 20030306.

I saw this when a friend of mine, and myself were trying to install 1.3.20 yesterday (dl, then install from dl).

The install would go fine, but when you started the shell, $UID would have dropped the high bits from the NT-DOMAIN UID. For example, if my friend's NT-DOMAIN UID (native win2k) was 65558, then his $UID would become 22. On my machine (different company / NT-DOMAIN), the NT-DOMAIN UID is 108293, but the $UID is 42757.

The big problem was that after running "mkpasswd -d -u USERNAME NT-DOMAIN >> /etc/passwd", you get the message:
id: cannot find name for user ID 42757
I have no name! at EJP0874 ~

So, Nothing matches for the NT-DOMAINs in /etc/passwd.
Without running mkpasswd, my friend would get permission errors when he starts his shell.
The workaround I found was to change the UID to drop the high bits in /etc/passwd. (change UID 108293 to 42757 for my user).

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Help?

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