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Standard out writes fail after cygwin generated dll loaded

Dear all,

When trying to run through the JNI native C code compiled in a DLL using
Cygwin, I found that standard Java output stops to work as soon as the
DLL is loaded. However, if the same code is compiled without Cygwing
(-mno-cygwin) the Java output works OK after and before loading the DLL.

I found that this behaviour has been reported to the list several times:

Klaus Schroeder reported it in January 2000:
Aj Lavin reported it again in October 2001:

Since then the problem seems to be unsolved. I have reproduced it
recently with the following configuration:

   - version 1.3.20-1 of cygwin1.dll
   - version 3.2-3 of gcc
   - version 1.4.1 of the JDK
   - version 1.4.0_01 of the Java runtime environment

The attached zip file contains the code that reproduces the problem: calls Hello.c, the Hello.h file was generated with javah.

Does anyone know something about it? Thanks in advance,


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