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RE: whining (was: RE: Why is gcc3.2 prerelease?)

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Stephan Mueller [mailto:smueller at Exchange dot Microsoft dot com] 
>Sent: 05 March 2003 21:34
>To: Jim Drash; cygwin at cygwin dot com
>Subject: OT: whining (was: RE: Why is gcc3.2 prerelease?)
>I'm not being thin-skinned -- I was using an example from 
>Andrew's mail (the M$ reference) to have some fun with his 
>'careless mistake' comment. I used it because it was 
>conveniently available, is all. (Note how my wording was 
>virtually identical to Andrew's.)
>I think by 'the author' you're referring to me (not Andrew), 
>so I'll address your comment about whining.  1) I wouldn't 
>call my comment whining :-)  2) what would you propose I do 
>that counts as a positive way to change the perception?  I 
>think that a polite comment or two rebutting a clearly (IMHO) 
>over-the-top suggestion that Microsoft has 'infiltrated FSF' 
>to 'sabotage' things, in a post with some other, excellent 
>points (your claim, not mine :-) is a decent way to go about 
>this.  And oh yeah, when I'm not posting here, I work really 
>hard on Microsoft software, removing bugs, getting others to 
>remove bugs, designing things well, that sort of thing.
>We're now off-topic for the list; sorry.  I won't reply again 
>in public on this thread. I've also re-added the original 
>thread below, since the text of this message and the one I'm 
>replying to make references to text in the original discussion.
>stephan(speaking only for myself, not my employer);
I thought the whining comment was directed at me.
My apologies for any offence caused.  I'm not a "religious nutball" but
I do have a *very* healthy cynical attitude.  Particularly in regard 
to certain corporate, dare I say, anti-competitive policies.  That is not
a dig at anyone in particular.  It can apply to pretty much any organisation
following the policies that make companies successful in our capitalist 
I have no problem with the commercialisation of software.  I wouldn't have
a job without it.
If it helps any I'm just as cynical about anything else I work on or come
into contact with
There is just one thing that I'd like to remind everybody about.  Just
there isn't a smiley doesn't mean it isn't meant in good humour. 
That said just because its meant in good humour doesn't mean there isn't a
grain of truth in it.
1 2 3 4 I declare a flame war.
Lets kill this thread here and now before the weapons of mass destruction
are brought out (that is *NOT* a reference to XP & critical mass)

        Bruce the cynic.

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(because I don't have the cash to buy a lawyer good enough to win a battle,
 never mind that I'm in the right):
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