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Re: setup.exe is too small

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> Pavel Tsekov wrote:
>> On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, DH wrote:
>>> For the love of open source, is the setup.exe dialog listing the
>>> packages ever going to get bigger?
>>> I've searched the mailing list and people complained about this
>>> before. 
>>> What is the hold up? (3 months back I got so frustrated by this I
>>> swore off cygwin up until today)
>> People requesting this functionality stick only to complaining and
>>  not actually implementing it.
> Probably shooting myself in the foot....
> Perhaps we should introduce a saying that I heard in another news
> group (yes I use news to access this mail list) namely "If you are
> unsatisfied with the software as it is then I suggest you take it
> back for a 
> refund!" ;-)
> However in the defense of the others, there are many reasons why,
> IMHO, the Open Source attitude of "Fix it yourself" just doesn't work
> for 
> many, many people using Open Source software. And the key word there
> is "using" in that they are not interested nor perhaps have the time
> or knowledge to build/fix/patch Open Source stuff rather they are just
> consumers of the end result (The Open Source model loses sight of the
> fact that there are people who just want to be consumers - IOW it's
> not 
> a commercial model thus is having difficulty being accepted in the
> commercial marketplace).
> Hell if I had the time (that is enough copious free time - which I
> don't) and the knowledge (haven't programmed in C++ in years, nor
> have I written Windows applications) then I would take this and fix
> it myself! 
> To the "Frequent Patchers/Implementors" here you have yet another
> advantage in that some of you already have your heads wrapped around
> the various concepts that Cygwin implements (I've looked briefly at
> the packaging concept, the bz tar images, setup log, dependencies,
> etc and 
> it would take me a while to get the concepts in my head). So you guys
> are at a distinct advantage to many of the "Cygwin consumers".
> I'm certain that if I took some time I could do it but I don't have
> the time to do it. IOW it would take me perhaps months to do because
> the added time to get to know all the stuff I'd need to know before
> actually coding anything of the fix. Whereas people who have already
> worked on setup.exe would not have such start up costs and could
> implement this in weeks if not days.
> It's amazing to me how people can't see this!

We can. However, we too have significant shortages of free time.


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