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Re: setup.exe is too small

Christopher Faylor wrote

And, different agendas as well. No one in free software has to work on things that they don't want to work on.

And, the theory that "You know how to do it. You're doing all this other stuff, why don't you do this too?" doesn't really sound right to me.

Chris do not view this as a justification for a "consumer" to demand that a "producer" work for him. Rather I was trying to point out why a "consumer" or a "semi-hacker" for that matter, might be reluctanct to dive into a dev/patch project that they might view "over there head". IOW I don't think that just because it's Open Source and you *can* fix it yourself, that a flippant "Fix it yourself!" response is warranted.

Besides, I've given you the "If you don't like the software then return it" to add to your meanness arsenal! :-)

Of course, your own "PGA" phrase is a more gentle way of saying "Fix It Yourself!". (Hey should we add FIY! to the acronym list? :-)

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