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Re: setup.exe is too small

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> OK - I'll write up a web page detailing how to use various aspects of
> setup, IF you will make the chooser resizable for me.

That sentence is incredibly antagonistic.

>>> *) Contract someone else to implement the feature for them. "I'll
>>> put $20 into a pool for the programmer that completes the feature".
> I don't have a spare $20 to put into a pool but I'll put in my vote.
> Is that good enough? :-)

No. As evidenced by the *many* people who have brought this issue up time
and again.

>>>>> IOW I don't think that just because it's Open Source and you *can*
>>>>> fix it yourself, that a flippant "Fix it yourself!" response is
>>>>> warranted.
>>> Conversely, neither is "Fix it for me!".
> Isn't one of the tenents of Open Source that the developer typically
> prides themselves on their code and therefore is quicker to fix bugs
> and address problems in their products?

Pride does not produce extra hours in the day.

> You see to me this is one of
> the falacys of the Open Source movement - that the producers will care
> enough and have enough time to address such problems. As we can see
> this is not always the case. From the view point of the consumer Open
> Source is often not workable.

You are welcome to stop using Cygwin, if you so wish.


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