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Re: setup.exe is too small

Max Bowsher wrote:

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

OK - I'll write up a web page detailing how to use various aspects of setup, IF you will make the chooser resizable for me.

That sentence is incredibly antagonistic.

Sorry you feel that way but I said it because I mean it. Obviously you don't believe me. What do you need to convince you?

*) Contract someone else to implement the feature for them. "I'll put $20 into a pool for the programmer that completes the feature".

I don't have a spare $20 to put into a pool but I'll put in my vote. Is that good enough? :-)

No. As evidenced by the *many* people who have brought this issue up time and again.

You obviously don't read smileys either...

Isn't one of the tenents of Open Source that the developer typically prides themselves on their code and therefore is quicker to fix bugs and address problems in their products?

Pride does not produce extra hours in the day.

Thanks for the comfirmation of one of the problems with Open Source.

You see to me this is one of the falacys of the Open Source movement - that the producers will care enough and have enough time to address such problems. As we can see this is not always the case. From the view point of the consumer Open Source is often not workable.

You are welcome to stop using Cygwin, if you so wish.

Thanks for the invitation but I believe I will do as I please instead.

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