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cygwin/1.3.20-1 bash child process disassociation behavior weirdness

In non-cygwin unix I'm familiar with being able to do the following in a
shell (bash or other):

$ nohup long-running-command &
$ exit

and be able to leave it running.

However, under cygwin (this has been true for at least back to cygwin/1.3.6
for me), when I start a process in the background and try to exit
my bash shell, it hangs until the child process completes (almost as
if it's doing a wait() on its children).

Additionally, if I start a command nohup in the background in 1 bash shell
and close the window, it kills the child process.

The easiest way to test this is:

in 1 window:

$ sleep 60 &
$ exit

(parent process (shell window) will not exit until after the child process
is complete, 60 seconds later)

Also, this doesn't seem to be limited to bash; I get the same behavior
in tcsh.

Is there something I need to do to cause bash to properly disassociate itself
from child processes so that I get get commands to run in the background
and leave my shell?

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