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Re: setup.exe is too small

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 09:31:21PM -0500, David Robinow wrote:
>Andrew DeFaria <ADeFaria at Salira dot com> wrote:
>>It is indeed a natural assumption that the phrase "to demand that 
>>something be done" is addressed to me, that I was demanding that 
>>something be done.
>Andrew, relax.  And pay attention.  The whole thread was about people
>who did seem to demand that something be done.  You chimed in to defend
>them.  Igor is quite aware of that, as is anybody who bothered to read
>the previous posts.  By the way, I agree with Andrew that "fix it
>yourself" seems a bit harsh as a response to an obvious newbie.

I can't agree.  Take it in context with what was written.  The "fix it
yourself" response was in response to a somewhat rude request that a
problem be fixed.  It had words like "For the love of open source"
"what is the hold up?" and "I'm dying here".

I don't think newbie should necessarily mean clueless and demanding
but that is how the original post came across to me.

Remember, we are giving you gifts.  Cygwin is a gift.  The response to a
gift is "Thank you" not "Yeah, yeah.  Now I want more, when's it

We're human, too.  When someone seems demanding after having been given
a gift it tends to rub us the wrong way.


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