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Re: setup.exe - - Cannot get other packages not included in base install

--- Max Bowsher <maxb at ukf dot net> wrote:
> Please keep replies on the list.
> Joseph Colton wrote:
> > --- Max Bowsher <maxb at ukf dot net> wrote:
> >> 
> >> Are your Windows DPI/font size settings
> non-default?
> >> (In the Display control
> >> panel)
> > 
> > My font sizes are all default.  I tried changing
> the
> > font sizes, but was not able to affect the inside
> of
> > the setup box much.  I reduced fonts to 6, that
> did
> > not get anything new to show up.  I know that my
> > default fonts are not the same as English users. 
> I am
> > using MS UI Gothic (nihongo) which is the Japanese
> > version.  This might not be a Windows default, but
> > might be the OEM default.  Gothic does not sound
> like
> > a Windows default, but I have never changed the
> font
> > before.
> What about DPI? 
> Display Properties > Settings Tab > Advanced Button
> > General Tab

Thanks, it worked after about quite a few reboots.  I
am glad Windows does not require as many reboots now. 
Even though I got it to work, I never did get all of
the window.  I wonder if the Japanese version of
Windows 98 just cannot get the whole thing.  Well, it
works now.  Thank you.

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