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Re: New setup.exe snapshot available.

At 11:23 AM 3/9/2003 +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>There is a new setup.exe snapshot. It's a minor increment over the
>current setup.

>From an ntsec point of view it tries to insure that the file 
permissions *displayed* by ls -l allow at least rx access.

When running the new snapshot, please be on the lookout for 
the following and report abnormalities:

1) According to ls -l, do the files installed by setup have
       rx access (at least) for you (through u, g or o) ?
       rx access for a locally significant group of other users ?
     If not, please send me the output of "id" and "getfacl /bin"
     and specify if you are a domain user or a local user.
2) If you are a domain user, rename /etc/passwd and /etc/group and 
     reinstall base-passwd (i.e. /etc/postinstall/
       Do you appear in the new /etc/passwd file?
3) Run setup from an account that is NOT in Administrators.
   Do you get a popup (from Windows) asking if you want to run as admin?
     Before running setup and answering YES:
	- if you are a domain user, rename /etc/{passwd, group} and 
           reinstall base-passwd. Will you be in /etc/passwd?
       - put the following in /etc/postinstall/
          #! /bin/sh
          export CYGWIN=ntsec
          id > /etc/printid.txt
     and send me /etc/printid.txt. I would like to understand the groups
     of the Administrator on various systems.

    What is the answer to 1) above if you answer YES? if NO?

Thanks to Max, Pavel and Rob, and to those who report their experience
with the snapshot.


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