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[avail for test] ncurses-5.3-1

I've placed updated versions of the ncurses packages on sourceware, but have marked them 'test'. In order to install them, you must use setup and pick the 'Exp'erimental radio button on the chooser.

The new packages:

  o update to the 5.3 source

o The upstream maintainer has done a lot of work to enable shared lib building on cygwin -- but he did it in a way completely different than mine. Once I figured out what he was doing, I could see that it was better. But it hasn't been as heavily tested as our version, so it is therefore to be treated as a "new" port. Worse, since his approach differs, it means that there are ABI changes and we have to bump to '7' from our current ABI=6. On the plus side, the non-packaging/documentation patch size has been reduced by over 75%.

o split the monolithic ncurses-5.2-8 package into three: libncurses-devel-5.3-1 (link libraries and headers), ncurses-demo-5.3-1 (the /usr/bin/ncurses-test-dll/*.exe stuff), and ncurses-5.3-1 (everthing else: utility programs and documentation)

o the upstream maintainer no longer supports building the C++ library as a sharedlib on ANY platform. To re-enable it on cygwin, I'd have to seriously muck with the new build system, so I decided to withdraw the DLL version of libncurses++. Naturally, any application that previously used it will still "get" 'cygncurses++6.dll' from the libncurses6-5.2-8 package -- but it won't see a cygncurses++7.dll. If you want to link a libncurses++-dependent package against ncurses-5.3, you'll get the static C++ library (but it will link against the dynamic -lncurses, -lpanel, -lmenu, and -lform dependencies)

o the upstream maintainer took a different tack in fixing the BROKEN_LINKER problem. The public headers no longer declare BROKEN_LINKER -- but they shouldn't have to, in the new scheme.

o sigh. ncurses_dll.h is back. don't worry, though, it's automatically included. It just offends my sense of elegance.

Please do NOT build any official packages that might depend on the new ncurses, until after this version has been thoroughly vetted -- BUT I'd appreciate build reports from official package maintainers. <g> So, please build against this -- but don't release the updated packages yet.

Because setup doesn't have version-restricted dependencies, I had to put 'libncurses7 libncurses6' in the main ncurses' setup.hint file -- which means that everybody is going to get the new DLLs (along with the old ones) even tho the new ones are marked 'test'. Oh well.


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