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Can someone explain the 'obvious' to me...or is it a Grimm's Bro. tale...?

I really _think_ (maybe I don't know what I want), but I think I
want to setup my cygroot -> c:\.

Now I know this isn't recommended, but why/whynot?  The
only reason I heard, which sounded a bit weak, was, "Well what if
some new program comes in and creates a /usr, /var, /tmp...etc
TLD?  Then it might stomp on Cygwin files.  Is that the only reason
because some program may someday write into those directories and
may write files with the same names into those directories?

The thing is...I think it'd be a bit cool to see some better
merging of the Win/cyg env.  Like setting %Program Files% =>
/usr/local/bin?  or /opt?, Setting Documents&Settings ->home,

At the very least, I'd have less to worry about with which set of
programs I'm using -- with the path's relative to root being the
same (now whether or not individual tools handle both / and \ is
another matter, but at least \ would equal /, for the most part.

Of course, I would expect that "Find C:\" would return nothing
if I did that, but find / would return my entire fs and not just
the cygwin subtree....

Comments on my lunacy/flights of fancy? :-)


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