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RE: Can someone explain the 'obvious' to me...or is it a Grimm's Bro. tale...?

> The thing is...I think it'd be a bit cool to see some better
> merging of the Win/cyg env.  Like setting %Program Files% =>
> /usr/local/bin?  or /opt?, Setting Documents&Settings ->home,
> etc.

"%Program Files% => /usr/local/bin" would be a disaster wrapped in a tragedy
wrapped in a thin candy shell.  You'd have .exe's from Hell to breakfast in
"Program Files", which is pretty contrary to normal Windows practice.  "%Program
Files%\cygwin => /usr/local/bin" would work and might be worth considering.  Or
for that matter, just installing cygwin to %Program Files%\cygwin and have that
mounted as root.

I've considered mounting "C:\Documents And Settings\Users\me" as "/home/me" for
a long time, just to see what would happen more than anything.  This could maybe
be helpful if there's actually anybody out there using Windows' mythological
"roaming profiles" or whatever they're called (probably something like "My
Roaming Profiles.NET" this week).

> At the very least, I'd have less to worry about with which set of
> programs I'm using -- with the path's relative to root being the
> same (now whether or not individual tools handle both / and \ is
> another matter, but at least \ would equal /, for the most part.

Not sure why this really matters as long as cygpath's around.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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