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>/dev/stderr broken in /bin/sh?, makewhatis unhappy, & apropos confused, or just me?

I normally use bash and this works in bash:

echo "hello stderr" >/dev/stderr
echo "hello stdout" >/dev/stdout

But in /bin/sh:

$ echo hello stderr >/dev/stderr
cannot create /dev/stderr: directory nonexistent
$ echo hello stdout >/dev/stdout
cannot create /dev/stdout: directory nonexistent

	I'm guessing this isn't supposed to work this way?

	"makewhatis -v" doesn't like seem to like it:
law> makewhatis -v
/usr/sbin/makewhatis: cannot create /dev/stderr: directory nonexistent

	I invoked the -v when a simple "makewhatis" yielded
"cd: can't cd to /cygdrive/c/Documents"

	Apropos is a little confused about one of it's lines.
Does anyone else get garbage on this:

apropos options|wc -l|grep "^SYN"

"wc" gives this:
law> apropos options|grep "^SYN"|wc
      1    2332   13924

That's one heck of a long line.  Do I just have some junk somewhere?

I could attach it, but I don't want to unnecessarily send all that
junk out if it's easily reproducible.


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