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Re: >/dev/stderr broken in /bin/sh?, makewhatis unhappy, & apropos confused, or just me?


What version of Cygwin are you running? Under this one:

% uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.0 Clemens 1.3.20(0.73/3/2) 2003-02-08 12:10 i686 unknown unknown Cygwin

your examples work fine. Likewise, makewhatis does it's thing, with or without the -v option.

As to the /cygdrive/c/Documents bit, what does your MANPATH look like? Does it include "/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/"?

I have problems with apropos whenever procps is included. A look at the man page source for that program suggests a possible reason:

% head -23 /usr/man/man1/procps.1
.\" Man page for ps.
.\" Quick hack conversion by Albert Cahalan, 1998.
.\" Licensed under version 2 of the Gnu General Public License.
.\" This man page is a horrid hack because *roff sucks.
.\" The whole system is way obsolete. The internal header
.\" stuff must die, and will when I figure out how to kill it.
.\" I've already killed the wasteful left margin and screwy
.\" old perfect justification. Gross! You'd think someone
.\" invented this crap in 1973. Oh yeah, they did. Sorry.
.TH PS 1 "July 5, 1998" "Linux" "Linux User's Manual"
ps \- report process status
.ad r
.ss 12 0
.in 0

ps [options]

Randall Schulz

At 19:18 2003-03-09, linda w \(cyg\) wrote:

I normally use bash and this works in bash:

echo "hello stderr" >/dev/stderr
echo "hello stdout" >/dev/stdout

But in /bin/sh:

$ echo hello stderr >/dev/stderr
cannot create /dev/stderr: directory nonexistent
$ echo hello stdout >/dev/stdout
cannot create /dev/stdout: directory nonexistent

    I'm guessing this isn't supposed to work this way?

    "makewhatis -v" doesn't like seem to like it:
law> makewhatis -v
/usr/sbin/makewhatis: cannot create /dev/stderr: directory nonexistent

    I invoked the -v when a simple "makewhatis" yielded
"cd: can't cd to /cygdrive/c/Documents"

    Apropos is a little confused about one of it's lines.
Does anyone else get garbage on this:

apropos options|wc -l|grep "^SYN"

"wc" gives this:
law> apropos options|grep "^SYN"|wc
      1    2332   13924

That's one heck of a long line. Do I just have some junk somewhere?

I could attach it, but I don't want to unnecessarily send all that
junk out if it's easily reproducible.


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